Puppet Pattern

This easy pattern makes a pleasing and expressive puppet. The basic pattern is extremely versatile and can be used to create any number of characters from people to animals or anything else you can think of. Anyone with basic sewing skills can do this project. Expect to spend about 5 to 7 hours completing the puppet. For first-timers I recommend using fleece. Later, as you gain experience, try fun fur or other textured fabrics. A sewing machine is an asset but is not necessary.


• Roughly 1/2 meter fabric.
• Flexible foam sheets from craft store, 1/8’’ thick, various pinks, black, red etc.
• Good quality fabric scissors.
• Needle, thread, pins, fabric marker.
• Sewing machine (optional).
• One coat hanger (optional).
• Needle nose pliers.
• Hot glue gun.


1. Increase the size of the patterns on a photocopier until the "3 cm" lines actually measure 3 cms. If you have small hands, or the puppet is for a child, make the line equal 2 to 2 1/2 cm.

2. Cut out the fabric using the patterns.

3. Sew the arms together and turn them right side out.

4. If you wish to attach arm rods to your puppet (not recommended or necessary if the puppet is to be given to a young child) bend one end of a coat hanger into a small loop and bend the other into a handle. Wrap the handle end in duct tape. Cut a small hole in the bottom of the hand (opposite the thumb) and insert the loop end of the coat hanger into the hole. Turn the arm inside out and attach the loop of the arm rod to the top seem inside of the hand (near thumb) using a safety pin or stitch.

5. Cut along the 2 arm slots on the body of the pattern.

6. Insert each arm through the arm slots so that the thumb points forward and the top of the arm comes through on the wrong side of the body.

7. Sew arms in place by folding the body along the cut line and stitching the top of the arm in place.

8. This step is optional depending if you want your puppet to have ears or not: Sew around the curved edge of the ear pattern. Cut the ear slot line on the body pattern. Sew in the ears using the same method as the arms. (Remember ears can be pointy, big or small, use you imagination).

9. Now for the body: Sew the Darts on the back of the head closed. With the good sides together and the arms tucked out of the way, sew from the bottom of the puppet, around the back of the head to the top of the mouth. Next, sew from the bottom of the mouth to the bottom of the body.

10. Before going any further test fit the puppet to your hand.

11. Now in stall the mouth: Cut the mouth pattern from flexible foam sheets available from craft stores or use fabric. If fabric is used, you can go back and reinforce it later with cardboard. Keeping the puppet inside out, hot glue the mouth in place with the right side of the fabric glued to the foam.

12. The puppet can now be turned right side out.

13. Add finishing touches (hair, nose, tongue etc.), as you desire.

14. Remember to "cross" the eyes slightly to achieve a more realistic glare.

Have fun!